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Limited Quantity.
Now available in Classic White or Black. You can remove all embroidery before final checkout.
Receive All 3 Digital DVDs with Purchase.
Buy 2 or more gis & receive 20% off entire purchase!

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Made ready to handle heavy duty use including kata, partner drills,
grappling and everyday training (or going on dates..we won’t judge).

Based on the feedback received by v1.0 testers, we’ve decided to go with the “Tsume” design which has a grappling-centric fabric weave surrounding the entire upper torso (arms, shoulders & chest) while maintaining a traditional heavy weight karate fabric on the bottom half of the gi top.

Thus creating a fusion of the two fighting ranges!

The thick collar allows the practice of chokes and holds while the removal of the tie strings creates more realistic scenario while training.

The pants include a corded drawstring and extra knee reinforcement as extra protection for karate on the ground. Additionally, the grappling-weave material gusset allows more freedom of movement and security.

3/4 sleeve and pants makes for a more functional training uniform to prevent excessive grips.

The shorter skirt and fitted cut creates a more modern look to the gi. Also, we’ve reduced the bagginess of the gi pants as requested by the v1.0 testers.