The Karate Culture Mission

We wanted to share the rationale behind the creation of this website, its complimentary Youtube Channel, and the overall purpose of the Karate Culture Movement.   

Simply put, it is a call for open communication among traditional karate practitioners for the preservation and the rediscovery of the old ways. 

We are not an organization, we are not looking for profit; we simply want to promote a culture of open-mindedness.  A return to using kata as it was meant to be: not for show, not for competitions, but for self-defense in all scenarios.      

At this moment in time, the dominant paradigm of martial arts thinking is that the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) represents the truest form of combat.  

Although we enjoy MMA as entertainment, and take nothing away from the sacrifices and dedication of the athletes who put their health on the line to develop their physical and mental capabilities, we do not believe that any rule-based fighting can be considered the most efficient means of self-defense.  

Thus, our aim is to encourage the sharing of knowledge to re-legitimize traditional karate and bring it back to its original purpose.

The first step was to put ourselves into the public view through our Youtube Channel in hopes that we can be the example and lead a renaissance towards the old ways.  The public's opinion of karate is generally negative, and this is not without reason.   A quick search can reveal thousands of videos misrepresenting the art that was originally developed for pure, unarmed combat.  Modern day karate has been described as a "daycare center," "black belt factory," and "McDojo."  

We aim to change that.  

But before we can change the public's opinion, we must reform ourselves. Thus, we hope to release more videos to spread the knowledge and encourage others to share as well.  Also, we would like to travel and teach seminars as a means of helping dojos grow in their interpretation of kata which not only will help the development of their individual students but preserve the art of karate as a whole.  

Finally, we leave you with this Karate Culture Creed as a summary of our mission:

I aim to develop myself first, so that I can help develop others around me.
From my classmates, to my dojo, to the other dojos that I know, to the organization I belong to, to the style I represent, to karate as a whole, and finally to the rest of the martial arts world.  

Thank you.