The art of karate has rapidly lost its effectiveness throughout time and this community is an effort to restore and preserve the integrity of this life's passion for generations to come.

This website represents a return to the old ways.  An open place of gathering for those who are willing to listen and those who are willing share.  

Karate is a language.  It allows a select group of individuals to communicate nonverbally.  Karate is also poetic, in the sense that an untrained bystander can appreciate it artistically as a specialization of human movement through kata. However, only a true karateka can appreciate the art on a deeper level. 

We post videos from our Youtube Channel and from other channels who represent the same pursuit of using kata for self-defense.  Additionally, we provide a gathering place for martial artists to share their writing and express important opinions on authentic Karate. 

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The Bear and the Wave

It doesn't matter what rank we are or how long we've trained.

Who are we? Two guys on a mission to bring old karate back to relevancy.

We're black belts in Shorin-Ryu but we like to represent Okinawan Karate as a whole.  That can mean something to you or nothing at all. What it does mean is that we train everything and we train hard. Kata. Throws. Submissions. Strikes. Ground Combatives. Hard Body Conditioning. You get the picture. We've developed a scientific approach to combat based on traditional katas that stem back hundreds of years. We don't claim to invent anything, we're just rediscovering what's been forgotten. 

We live in a society defined by instant gratification. Many people learn how to throw a jab on a heavy bag and feel like they're unbeatable. Our path is a lifelong pursuit and we want to bring that mentality back to modern time.

This is Aaron Emilio Garcia, aka "Kuma." Favorite Street Fighter character? Ryu, of course.  You can find him as a playable character in Tekken, he's the bear. Aaron's style is defined by large gross motor movements, freakish strength, and primal instincts. He'll finish the fight quickly then go back to stealing picnic baskets from unsuspecting campers.

And here is Michael Nguyen, aka "Tsunami." If he's not asleep in front of his computer, you can find him awake in front of his computer. His style is defined as trying to relive a past life of being a washing machine: fluid movements in a constant flow.

The more society tries to invent new fads and new styles, the more we feel the need to look back and realize it's all been done before. Our goal is to travel the world and change the definition of Karate one dojo at a time. This is our journey, you're welcome to tag along and become part of this Karate Culture!