So you wanna learn about karate, well you came to the right place. 

Here we've organized our videos into an easy to follow process.  Of course we can't put all our videos on here but this will be a great introduction to get you started!

So, cinch your belt tight; get into your horse stance, and welcome to the beginning of the rest of your journey.

Step 1: Watch This First:
"Karate Explained"

In this video we give a run down on what we believe is the origins of traditional karate (the old stuff, not the "traditional" stuff you see today.) Check it out!

Step 2: Karate Concepts

Now that you have a basic understanding of what we're trying to do, you have to come to realize that learning concepts are always better than learning specific techniques.  When you understand the concepts of body mechanics and physics, you'll realize all martial arts are related.  The human body can only move in certain ways.  Kata stops becoming about memorizing techniques but understanding movement. Check out our Kata As Movement video above!

Our Youtube Playlist has over 20 Concept videos listed, click the button below to watch more!

Step 3: Karate Drills

Understanding is not enough. This is the biggest downfall for modern karate, many instructors are knowledgeable but seldom put in the time to develop their skills.  Call it whatever you want, "pressure testing," "non-compliant drilling," "reality-based" whatever, it's still necessary.  But it doesn't make sense to go "hard" right off the bat.  Everything has levels and requires some compliancy to develop that muscle memory before you turn up the degree of resistance.  Of course the end goal is to be able to fight and defend yourself using kata - as we demo in the video below!    

Discover more drills on our YouTube Playlist!

Step 4: Stay Motivated.

Whenever you feel a slump in your training, take a break, find motivation, and get back to it. You can check out the other content we provide such as Vlogs, Highlight Videos, and other stuff to help you out!